How do I know God is real?

Recently, I read a Facebook post where two people were debating the existence of God.  Both were very passionate in their points, both presented arguments for their cause.

If He is real, “Why does God do this, and why does He allow that?”  The atheist protested, while the believer replied with biblical accuracy.

Suddenly it became clear, that an essential ingredient for this non-believer could not be found in bytes of data posted on the internet; but in the tried and true experience of getting to know the Lord personally.

Think for a moment about the satisfying taste of your favorite meal; how would you describe the flavor; how do you express completely that experience to someone who wasn’t there when it first became important to you?  How do you share the subtle nuances; the memories that every flavor brings to mind?

Bishop used to say, ”You know how I know the Bible is true? Because God showed me. . .”

We can argue creation over evolution.  We can compare God to all the wonders modern science has given us.  But, science alone, though it can at times extend our lives, pales in comparison to the wonders of His universe, and His gift of eternal life.

At its best, our intellect and our science can analyze the compounds; they can tell us what’s in the meal – but they can never completely describe the experience.

The best way to understand the nature of God is not to try and analyze the bible from the outside looking in, but to taste; that is to get to know His word personally. 

In God’s own words, “Draw near to Me, and I will draw near to you.”

That involves going beyond the boundaries of logical thought to lean upon what believers call “Faith.”  As we do that, God begins to speak to us intimately; often answering questions we’ve carried around for a lifetime.

There are any number of excuses we can make for putting it off.  Prayer, devotion, and study – these all take time away from our already busy schedules.  Yet as we purpose to draw near to God and study His word, He reveals the truth; in personal and often unexplained ways. 

Some people have said that reading the bible is hard.  Today there are versions that are written in “Plain talk” so it’s easy to understand. You can also get the Bible on Compact Disk, or on mp3 to listen in your car, on your computer, or with your smart phone.

For the die-hard, here’s a science experiment you can try at home: Get in a quiet place, spend a few minutes alone with God, and whisper in His ear, “God, if you’re real, if You are the only way, show Yourself to me.”

While you’re waiting for an answer, enjoy a good book, that is to say the Bible.

Thank You for reading,

May God Richly Bless You


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