Fathering Faith

Part 1

When God Speaks

Genesis Chapter 12

Our introduction to Abram is somewhat unique, “Now the Lord had said to Abram. . .” To that point we don’t know much about the “Father of Faith.”

One day my son and I were at a restaurant and he couldn’t ask for ketchup.  That’s when I realized that he was shy.  Ordinarily you wouldn’t notice; but when he’s put on the spot it’s a challenge for him to get his words out.

Some of us are more outgoing than others; some can walk up to strangers and strike up a conversation. But, when it comes to God, even the bravest person can be shy.

The way we deal with this, the way we make sure that we can carry on a conversation without becoming tongue-tied, is by building relationships.  You start with small-talk, and as you get to know one another you talk about more important things.  Eventually you’re comfortable enough to even discuss things that are heavy on your heart.

In our very introduction to Abram (Abraham) we find God talking with him.  That tells us two things. First, that Abraham was in the right place to listen.  You can’t hear somebody talking, if you’re not in a place where their voice can get to you.  Second, it tells us that God and Abraham were not strangers; God talked and Abraham obeyed.

Before the day that God told Abraham to move, before the day we’re introduced to him, before the day that Abraham was given great promise; Abraham understood that knowing God was important.

It could not have been easy.  The people in his life were not on the same page; they did not want to hear from the Living God.  Abraham’s father had a different religion; it had nothing to do with God (Joshua 24:2).

God spoke, and Abraham obeyed.

Because Abraham listened, because he obeyed, he received great and mighty promises.

All of us are unique and precious to God (Psalm 139:14). 

Although He made us all different, the principle is the same.

When we spend time with God, as we get accustomed to hearing His voice, when His voice moves us; that’s when we discover the great and precious promises He has for us!

Remember God loves you!

Thanks for reading. 

May God bless you richly!


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