Fathering Faith Part 2

Addition By Faith

Romans 4:3

We saw last week that there was something different about Abraham’s faith.

As we read in the bible about the “Father of Faith,” we see some things about his character; things that make his faith unique.

We know that there are places in the world today where the bible is not welcome.  Imagine what it must be like for missionaries who go there.

Yet, for somebody who has never attended church, even here in our own community; just the thought of getting to know God can be daunting. 

When God finds you there is excitement; you hope that the people you love and care about will stand with you.  But if the people around you are wrestling with the very idea of faith themselves, they’re not likely to share your excitement; they’re more likely to try to change your mind. 

Imagine the people you know trying to push you in different directions.  All the while, somewhere deep inside, you’ve had an encounter with God, and you know the way He wants you to go.

That’s where Abraham’s faith is set apart.  Though his family worshipped false gods, Abraham refused to give in; he refused to compromise.  Abraham knew Who it was that talked with him.  He understood that neither friends, nor family, nor peers could promise him anything; only God’s promises are worth holding on to.

Faith was not just a word to him; faith was “the motive behind the motion,” it caused him to move (Hebrews 11:8).  And because he had faith, his world was full of promise.

Remember, in his day he wasn’t some great iconic figure; he was just a man like anyone else.  What set Abraham apart is that he was not moved by popular opinion; his faith was in God.

Abraham’s faith and his belief became a game-changer.  Whatever else he faced, whatever challenges confronted him; because he believed God, he was counted among the righteous (Romans 4:3).

He was unpopular and barren; yet he was destined to give birth to nations, to kings, even to be called, “The Father of Faith.”

Each of us has a destiny. Each of us has a choice.

Our best life comes when we chose to keep our faith in Christ.

Thanks for reading.

May God bless you richly!


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