Fathering Faith Part 3

Abraham and Sarah dreamed of children, I’m sure they spent many a day planning their future.

Imagine Abraham’s struggle.  His faith put him against-the-grain.  Imagine the critics.  Imagine people sarcastically asking why he still believed, being as his faith had not produced children.

He’s 75 years-old when God said to him essentially, “If you’ll go where I tell you to, I’ve got some promises for you” (Genesis 12).

Go. . .  “And I will make you a great nation.”

Go. . .  “And I will bless you.”

Go. . .  “And I will make your name great.”

Go. . . “And you shall be a blessing.”

Go. . .  “And I will bless those who bless you.”

Go. . . “And I will curse them who curse you.”

Go. . . “And in you all the families of the Earth shall be blessed.”

In a place and time where Abraham’s faith caused him to be disregarded and disrespected, each one of these promises speaks to a point of his pain.  They speak to his barrenness; they speak to the mockers; God’s promises assure Abram that he has a hope, a future, even a name.

In the midst of the problem, God spoke to Abraham, and gave him these promises.

This was Abraham’s reply; he went.   

He didn’t have all the details; he didn’t know how it was going to all work out.  All he knew was that he had these promises from God, and wrapped somewhere within God’s promise, was Abraham’s hope.

He was 75 and Sarah was 65.  It’s not likely that Abraham could see how God was going to make the promises happen, all he knew was that God promised, and he went with that.

Are we willing to do that today?

What if it looked like your best days were behind you, like your hope was done; would you still go where God wants you to go, would you do what He asked of you?

Do you have to know what God is doing before you answer?

It’s not faith because we understand how God keeps promises, its faith because we trust that He does.

Thank You for Reading.

May God bless you richly!


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