Fathering Faith Part 4

The Promise Comes Home

Galatians 3:29

Of all the things God could have asked for; He wants us to believe, to have faith in Him. He doesn’t require us to start as giants, just believe and give faith a chance to grow (Matthew 13:31).

Abraham is called the Father of Faith.  He gives us examples of what faith looks like and how it can change our lives.

He was not afraid to talk to God.  In fact, God was so comfortable speaking with Abraham, that when He had enough of Sodom’s sin, God discussed His plans for that city with him (Genesis 18:16).

Faith is a game-changer; it has the power to change our world. By it, Abraham received great and precious promises. By it, he talked with God.  By it, he was counted as righteous.

Having faith doesn’t exempt us from life’s challenges.  What it does is keep our promises alive when those challenges hit us.  It means you’re not afraid to talk and ask questions (Genesis 15:2-3).

That’s what Abraham did; he brought his cares, he brought his concerns, he brought his passion to God; and that’s what God wants us to do (1 Peter 5:7).

When somebody repeats themselves over and again, you know they mean business.

When it comes to Abraham’s promises, you won’t find them in just one verse of scripture.  What you find instead is God repeating, clarifying, and defining Abraham’s promises in the Old Testament as well as the new.

We all know what it’s like to have a promise broken.

The good news is that when a promise is from God, it has no choice but to come; God is the ultimate promise-keeper. Wouldn’t it be great if He cared enough about you and me to make us promises!

Guess what?  He does!

Abraham believed God and it was accounted as righteousness.  When you and I believe Jesus, the accounting changes; we’re counted as Abraham’s descendants, and we become the rightful heirs of promise (Galatians 3:29).

Abraham’s promises were not just for him; neither are our promises for just us.

That’s how it works.  We receive freely; and we give freely.

Claim your inheritance; have faith in Jesus.  And whatever you do, don’t keep Him to yourself; help father someone else’s faith today.

Share the promise!

Thank you for reading,

And may God richly bless you.


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