Men’s Ministry

1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. 
2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter. 

Barry Jenkins Ministries is on a Mission to inspire, encourage, and help men reach their full potential.

The “Men – Tour Project”  began in 2000.  Its inspiration came after Barry was diagnosed with lung disease. His prognosis was not good, and all hope seemed lost. In the midst of that, God began to minister to Barry. What He said brought clarity and new hope; it was all about things God wants to say to men uniquely.

Since then Barry shares these biblical principles in a way that men can relate to. The “Men-Tour” series provides insights and understanding into areas men are longing to conquer.

Men of all walks of life are saying that this unique message is life-changing.

The messages have previously only been shared one-on-one in personal mentor relationships. they are rich with content men will identify with.

The “Men – Tour Project” is now available as a single workshop or in multiple sessions for a more complete conference.

Contact us today; we’d love to do your next Men’s event!