What We’re All About

EvangelismBringing the Gospel to Life is how Barry Jenkins Ministries has been serving people across America for over twenty-five years.  Our goal is to help people enjoy a closer walk with Jesus Christ.  We do that by teaching, speaking; and by making messages available through books, audio, and video media.

Kingdom Minded – We want to make sure you have a solid foundation. That’s why we support your local church and encourage you to get involved.

Pastoral Care – We understand what Pastors need.  Whether you need a Key-Note Speaker, a fill-in minister, or a friend to call on;  Barry Jenkins Ministries is there to support pastors across the nation.

Media Services – Our Media Services Department (aka Latte Media Group) helps Pastors get their message out in print and video.  Whether you need video services for that special occasion, digital audio recording, promotional material for your church; or if you need to publish your new book, we are there to help.

Men-Tour Program– We face challenges today unlike any time in history.  Many of these challenges exist where men are not engaging spiritually.  Some are busy, while others may not see the need to get involved.

At Barry Jenkins Ministries, we know that when men get involved, their community changes for the better.  We understand that where there’s a strong a men’s group, there’s a thriving church.

Our ministry can help your men’s group realize their potential.  Our Men-Tour Message brings to life biblical principles that every man can benefit from.  Across the nation, where men embrace the Men-Tour message, new-life begins; not just for the men themselves, but for their church, their communities, and their homes.

Whether you have a special occasion, evangelical function, conference, men’s group, or pastoral need, let Barry Jenkins Ministries be there for you