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Do you know for sure that you are living the life you were born to live, and that you are doing what you were meant to do?

Deep down inside, do you have a sense that your destiny is out there waiting for you? 

On the Road to Glory looks at these questions, through the life of one man from an unlikely place.

Whether you have found your true purpose or are still trying to find it, this book will encourage and inspire you.

We hope you will enjoy this fascinating true story, that it will help you unlock your own innermost dream, and discover the road to your best life.

Pastor Barry Jenkins and his wife Cozzette have lived the “put your hand to the plow” lifestyle of faithful laborers and servants to the Church.  In “On The Road to Glory,” he shares lessons they have learned that will help you keep your head above water when the floodtide hits, and keep the blade pressing through the turf when the dust is blowing in your face and the weather report says your labor is useless now.

Dr. Jack W. Hayford

Chancellor, The King’s College and Seminary

Founding Pastor, The Church On The Way

On the Road to Glory

Introductory Price $15 (Regularly $19)


ISBN 978-0615988122

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